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Campaign Objectives

Sarah Raven Kitchen & Garden wanted to create a relaxed, informative, gardening and cookery podcast that both engaged their existing audience in a new media whilst introducing and inspiring a new, younger generation of gardeners. Whilst the podcast was to drive traffic to products mentioned in the episode, the podcast was designed not to have a strong sales focus but rather to focus on providing valuable information and an entertaining, easy listen.


The podcast has been featured in The Times, The Telegraph, Country living & Period Living magazines and has outperformed major competition such as BBC Gardeners World, Gardening with the Royal Horticultural Society & BBC Radio 4 Gardeners’ Question Time  

Careful Planning

Sarah Raven Kitchen & Garden started their podcast journey with our Strategy & Launch programme, a proven process for launching a winning podcast. We work through everything from content and format planning, identifying target audiences, competitor research, sourcing great guests, and promotional strategies. 

High Quality Sound

Our production team record with Sarah, Arthur, and guests on location at Perch Hill once a month, allowing us to capture high-quality audio and run our 3 stage backup system to guarantee remote guest recordings are clear and safe. 

Accessible Everywhere

Making the show available everywhere was key for the podcast to be accessible by Sarah Raven’s wide audience.  You can listen on their website, every major podcast app and even on your smart speakers.

Valuable content & interesting guests

Every episode provides entertaining and engaging content with the target audience at the heart of the conversations. Bonus episodes and consistent brainstorming keeps the show fresh. 

Engaging marketing material

The show adds value to every listener by providing a range complementary content including gardening techniques, recipes and how to connect with the guests.

Active Promotion

With the release of each new episode comes a detailed description, social media images and copy, and audiograms to remind the audience of new episodes. 


“We have really enjoyed creating the “grow, cook, eat, arrange” podcast. Podcast Labs helped us to bring the concept to life when navigating a new space for us, and continues to provide great on-going support with both the production and promotion of the show.”

Charlotte LawrenceCampaign Manager, Sarah Raven Kitchen & Garden

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