Find out how Talent Drive secured new clients and tripled their team through podcasting

Episodes launched
Major brand sponsors
Peak chart position
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Campaign Objectives

Talent Drive approached Podcast Labs to create a show that would establish them as a thought-leader in the procurement space. By consistently releasing over 48 episodes discussing on-trend, topical debates with established brands, Talent Drive built relationships with their key target audience, resulting in new clients and roles. 

This resulted in the show securing sponsorship from 4 major procurement brands, and launching a new series of “Talent Talks” live events in Central London. The host, Martin Smith is now featured on other podcasts discussing the industry, and is building his team of recruiters due to the influx of new roles. 

Defined Marketing Objectives

Consistently looking for opportunities for the podcast to link in with growth objectives, such as the creation of Talent Talks Live events, building an in-person community and generating leads based on the success of the show. 

High Quality Sound

By recording in our Podcast Labs studio, Talent Talks maintains high-quality audio with every release, and runs our 3 stage backup system to guarantee remote guest recordings are clear and safe. 

Detailed Reporting

Analysing the monthly results of the show and adapting content for future episodes based on the response of the audience to particular topics or guests. 

Capturing Data

By considering the listener’s user journey and accessibility, we’ve managed to capture data and feedback from the audience to re-market to them and keep the show’s content fresh. 

Accessible Everywhere

Making the show accessible everywhere was key for Talent Drive to engage their potential leads. You can listen on their website, every major podcast app, and even on your smart speaker. 

Active Promotion

With the release of each new episode comes a detailed description, social media images, copy and audiograms to remind the audience of new episodes and receive audience feedback in the comments. 


Podcast Labs have helped me shape and grow the Talent Talks podcast. It’s gone from strength to strength, our audience numbers grow every month and I’m very grateful for all the work they’ve done.

Martin SmithFounder of Talent Drive, Host of Talent Talks Podcast

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